About Us & What We Offer

Since 2014 Bumblebee Car Hire which is based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire (just outside Greater London) has been providing fans of all ages with a fantastic opportunity to experience the iconic Bumblebee car as made famous by the Transformers movie franchise. The Transformers films and characters have captured the hearts and imaginations of vast audiences around the world and Bumblebee Car Hire aims to continue the magic of the movies.

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Here at Bumbleebee Car Hire we offer a range of unique opportunities for fans of both the Transformers movies and American muscle cars. You can hire our replica Bumblebee car for events & exhibitions, weddings as well as film & media opportunities. All our services are sure to set pulses racing as you experience the most famous of the Autobots; Bumblebee in Chevrolet Camaro form, complete with burble of the mighty 6.2L V8 engine!

Bumblebee Car Hire has been built upon a passion for American performance vehicles and the magic of the Transformers movies. It’s our belief that no movie vehicle has more character than the famous yellow Chevrolet Camaro- Bumblebee.

Why choose us

When it comes service, quality and overall experience know one offers a move reliable and professional service from start to finish than Bumblebee Car Hire. All our customers benefit from our extensive public liability insurance, special vehicle insurance, DBS approved staff and fully licenced Transport for London chauffer drivers.

All Bumblebee Car Hire bookings are accompanied by an e-booking pack outlining the exact details of the services we are providing complete with a full invoice.

We are highly experienced at offering bespoke events for a wide range of clients including shopping centres, schools, charities and private individuals to name just a few. Our team aim to make every occasion a truly memorable experience with Bumblebee by tailoring our services to individual requirements.